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There’s a lot you can do with a pack of cards, and if you’re a fan of hitting the casino then you’re probably all too aware of just how many perks there are to dealing the right cards at the right time – and which of the casino classics are your favorites. But what card games are the most popular in the world, and just how easy or complicated are they? Well, it turns out that you get a broad range of games both difficult and simple, all of which are the top card games taking place in casinos both physical and online all over the world.

According to a post on nettikasinot.fi, one of the most popular games played in casinos and at home with friends all over is poker. There are many variants of poker, one of the most typically seen ones being Texas Hold ‘Em, though you can play different variants in casinos where they’re available. Poker is in many ways one of the classic casino games and has featured regularly in movies as a game that players who know what they’re doing prefer most!

Poker was favored by characters in the casino heist movie Ocean’s 11, the cast of which are known for their own personal penchant for the game. George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon are all well known poker aficionados, with Clooney even co-owning a casino-hotel complex himself. Poker is favoured for its need for skill and expertise, being a game of skill rather than one of chance – which players enjoy as it means they can help control the outcome of the game, which is ideal for talented players and those with a head for the odds.

Blackjack is another hugely popular casino card game, perhaps one of the most popular casino games overall. Also known as Twenty One, the aim of the game is to be dealt cards with numbers that add up to the total twenty one. Players start with two cards and can choose to receive more based on how close they are to the goal. The higher their number, the greater the chance is of being dealt a card that goes over twenty one – which results in an immediate loss.

Blackjack and poker are two games played widely around the world and are recognized as casino classics. Whether you prefer games with a varying difficulty like poker or ones you can play without having to learn all the rules, like Blackjack, there’s always a game to get into at casinos and online casinos involving these fantastic card games.

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